The Desktop

While my actual desk is a cluttered, scratched-up, particleboard desk covered in exotic wires, half-gutted electronics, naked hard drives, a bulky printer (which doubles as a paper stack holder) and a laptop.  So, the only organized space on my desk is virtual, and therefore doesn't actually exist.

I am a technology specialist with a flare of graphical creativity.  I have several years experience in providing various technology solutions for employers.  I like to say that it's my job to work myself out of a job. Project management, graphics design, web design, networking, servers, data processes, backup solutions, etc., it's all fair game.

Professional Info

I'm currently working as a Web Publishing Consultant for Hampton Hotels at Hilton Worldwide. In the past, I acted as the a school Technology Coordinator, and also a Production Manager at a Geographical Informations System (GIS) firm in Northwest Florida. I have a wide range of skills, including web design, network administration and project management. I provide cost-effective technology solutions. Email me at for more information.

I enjoy dabbling with both digital and print designs. Professional websites, logos, and printed materials are some of my most common projects. Samples are available in my Design Portfolio.

My current résumé is at

My LinkedIn profile is at

Career Highlights

  • Responisble for a GIS mapping project of 3 Northwest Florida counties featured in Google Earth for two years
  • Led FAA sponsored mapping projects extracting ALP information for several U.S. airports including Philadelphia International
  • Built a complete technology solution for a private school; including network design and hardware installation, PC configuration, software distribution, both Linux and Windows server configuration, user account control, security protocol establishment and implementation, and Internet filtering and back-up solutions.
  • Publishing for Hampton Hotels' (by Hilton Worldwide) internal corporate website and newsletters.